Sara Sorcher

Deputy Cybersecurity Editor

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Sara Sorcher is the deputy editor of Passcode, a section from The Christian Science Monitor that covers security and privacy in the Digital Age. Based in Washington, D.C., Sorcher covers Internet policy throughout the federal government and military; the business of cybersecurity; and national debates over online privacy.

Before joining our newsroom, Sorcher was National Journal’s national security correspondent, reporting from the Pentagon, State Department and Capitol Hill. Sorcher won the National Press Club’s Michael A. Dornheim Award in 2014 for her articles on how political gridlock and shrinking budgets impacted the defense and aerospace industry. She also created and oversaw NJ’s Early Bird, an early morning newsletter popular within Washington’s defense community. During her four years at NJ, her coverage was regularly featured on sister sites including The Atlantic, Defense One and Government Executive.

Previously, Sorcher worked as a freelance journalist in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. Her print and video articles were featured in major outlets including ABC News, The New York Times, TIME, CNN and GlobalPost. Sorcher graduated from Tufts University magna cum laude in Middle Eastern studies and speaks Hebrew and Arabic.

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