Ralph Jennings

Taiwan Correspondent

Ralph Jennings has covered news in China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia for the past 14 years. The native of Portland, Ore. found his interest in journalism overseas while earning a University of California-Berkeley mass communication degree that drew heavily on anthropology courses. He was a natural in gathering news from under-covered communities while working at newspapers for seven years in California.

Based in Beijing from 1999, Ralph would talk to people ranging from those living in frozen brick homes short of coal to the Communist officials who set policy for them. He moved to Taipei in 2006. There he has worked further on his anthro-journalism by learning the language of high-tech pros and the culture of investment bankers. Taipei serves also as Ralph's launch pad into Southeast Asia for news, or in one case to write the 2012 Insight Guide to the Philippines. He’s going now for a master’s in mass communication from Taiwan’s No. 2 university.

Stories by Ralph Jennings