Mark Clayton

Staff writer

Mark Clayton has written about energy and the environment from the Monitor's Boston bureau since 2003 and cyber-security since 2008.

His reporting won a 2005 honorable mention for Best Energy Writing from the National Press Foundation and 2009 recognition from the Society of Environmental Journalists. From 1997-2003, Clayton was the Monitor's higher education reporter exploring the basis for steep tuition increases and the black box of the Ivy League admissions process. He was co-winner of several staff education-writing awards and, in 2002, won the Iris Molotsky Award for Investigative Reporting in Higher Education from the American Association of University Professors for his two-part series revealing affirmative action for men in the college admissions process.

Clayton served as the Monitor's Toronto bureau chief from 1993-2007, reporting on Canadian culture and political affairs, including that nation's close call with Quebec secession.

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