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Lysa Myers watched as the Internet grew from small, local bulletin board systems to the World Wide Web, and computer security incidents evolved from virtual urban myth to daily reality. She began her career in information security at a malware research lab in the weeks before the Melissa virus outbreak in 1999. As the Internet has grown in popularity, she’s been motivated to help mitigate the harmful effects of a lack of adequate security education.

Over the years, Myers has worked within antimalware research labs and in testing organizations to help improve computer security products. She’s used this as a platform to help spread awareness of what people need to do to maintain good security hygiene. As a security researcher for ESET, and a frequent contributor to security magazines, she continues to advocate improvements to the security industry. When she’s not at work, she leads a pastoral existence, with trees and flowers who don't deliberately cool you out and go beep in your ear.

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