John Thorne

North Africa / Sahel Correspondent

John Thorne covers North Africa and parts of the Sahel for The Christian Science Monitor from his base in Tunis, Tunisia. He’s visited much of that region since he first arrived in 2006, and has reported on topics ranging from elections and fine art in Algeria, purloined cedar trees in Morocco, and the dispute over Western Sahara to the fall of dictators in Tunisia and Libya and the recent conflict in Mali.

John grew up on Bainbridge Island, near Seattle, and was educated at Whitman College, in Washington State, and King’s College London. He worked previously for The Associated Press and The National (Abu Dhabi), and has been writing for the Monitor since early 2012. He also has experience as a dishwasher and file clerk, and one day’s work in a cranberry bog.

Stories by John Thorne