Alexander LaCasse

Social first intern

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Alexander LaCasse first joined the Monitor in 2015 as an intern on the Social First desk. He blogs about trending news stories across social media platforms and how these stories are reported in the media.

LaCasse holds a B.A. in journalism and a double minor in international affairs and communications from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. His prior work experience included stints as a photo and gear intern at Backpacker Magazine and as a sports writing intern at the Portsmouth Herald. He hosts a weekly radio show, "The Granite Lounge" on 104.9 WRBB in Boston where he and his guests discuss current events, sports and entertainment.

He is currently biding his time as a reporter, painstakingly waiting for a call from the Boston Celtics to lace up his sneakers again. Although he has not played in a meaningful game since his freshman year of high school, this has yet to dampen his spirits. 

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