Contributor's Guidelines: National news

Editor: Yvonne Zipp

Preferred e-mail(s) for queries: Appropriate section editor (see below)


The asset we value most in freelancers is quality of thought. In every case, the stories that we want are not simply a recounting of events, but rather an insightful look into why something happened and what it means – not only to the people directly involved, but also to people across the country. As a national newspaper, each story must have currency and relevance to readers nationwide.

Best opportunities for freelancers

We're interested in stories of national import from all over the country.

We want to stay on top of what is in the news – and in public thought – as much as possible, but there's also an opportunity for news features with a sense of place. Regardless of the setting or situation, though, we look for history and an eye for detail that show what makes peoples and places the way they are, influencing events.

How to pitch and follow up

Pitch your stories to the e-mail address above. Keep them brief (no more than a paragraph or two) and focus on telling us why your story is important to readers from Maine to Georgia to California.

Department editors: (all numbers in area code 1-617)
U.S. Regional news, Justice, and Religion  Yvonne Zipp
US Politics Liz Marlantes
Economy Mark Trumbull
Education and Culture Kim Campbell
Science/Technology/Environment Noelle Swan


We always take the first article on spec. Any travel or other expenses would have to be cleared by the department beforehand.

All pieces must be original for the Monitor. We cannot accept stories that have been or will be published elsewhere.