Contributor's Guidelines: Letters to the Editor



We publish letters to the editor in our Readers Write column, which appears in each weekly magazine issue (print and tablet editions) and online in our “Readers Respond” section at on each issue date. Comments may also be published in other editions of the Monitor or through the Monitor's licensees (see "Postings and Submissions" Terms here.)

Readers Write is a forum for readers to comment on news articles, features, and commentary that appeared in a recent Monitor magazine. We welcome letters from a wide variety of perspectives, especially those that make a sincere, constructive contribution to the discussion raised by Monitor articles. Published letters are subject to editing for reasons of space, tone, style, accuracy, and clarity.

How to submit

To be considered for publication, your letter must:

  • Refer to a specific article that appeared in a weekly magazine issue of the Monitor within the past two months
  • Not exceed 200 words in length
  • Be your original work, AND not submitted elsewhere (no form letters)
  • Include your full, real name and the city, state, and country where you reside. A daytime phone number is also required. (That number won't be published, but we may need to be able to reach you during the editing process.)

Once your submission has been sent to, you should receive an auto-response.

Unfortunately, we cannot print every letter, but we value your feedback and appreciate your insights. If your comment is accepted for publication, we will contact you to notify you when the letter will appear.

Please note

Because of the volume of e-mails we receive, we cannot acknowledge each submission, but we do read all legitimate correspondence. General comments, questions, or concerns should be directed not to the letters inbox but to the appropriate department or editor. See contact form and staff directory here.