Contributor's Guidelines: A Christian Science Perspective

Editor: Liz Wallingford

Preferred e-mail(s) for queries: CS Submissions


This is the column where the theology and practice of Christian Science are discussed in articles that respond to events in the news as well as those that address everyday issues such as companionship, comfort, home, work, relationships, the healing of physical ailments, and dealing with difficult financial times. Articles introduce readers from various backgrounds to the teachings of Christian Science and show how an understanding of God can bring healing to the issues and problems of the day. Authors share how prayer, the study of the Bible, and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy have brought healing to their lives. We look for clear writing that is well thought out and compassionate.

Best opportunities for freelancers

Articles need to be consonant with the teachings of Christian Science and are written by those who understand and have experience in living and practicing those teachings.

Target word count: 400-600.

How to pitch and follow up

If you want to write an article that will respond to the news or a particular event or holiday, please e-mail Liz Wallingford to see if something is already being planned on that issue or to discuss the approach you'd like to take.

You are welcome to send manuscripts on more timeless topics for consideration with or without prior contact.

To submit a manuscript, please use the online JSH submission form.


We do not pay for pieces.