Famous people give their New Year's resolutions

Another tattoo for Rudy Giuliani and a yodeling lesson for Martha Stewart.

Rudy Giuliani

1 Get a fourth 9/11 tattoo

2. Learn how to spell NASCAR

3. Stop calling "grits," "polenta"

Hillary Clinton

1. Find a hobby for Bill

2. Suggest Wellesley start a football team

3. Find a second hobby for Bill

Lou Dobbs

1. No more burritos

2. Stop the tango lessons

3. Insist restaurants cook my sushi

Queen Elizabeth

1. Throw out my mini skirts

2. Insist Phil stop eating peanuts in bed

3. Ask Helen Mirren if she'd like the job

Martha Stewart

1. Find something to do with Twinkies

2. Improve my yodeling

3. Knit a computer

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