Wow your friends with 'w00t,' the online word of the year

Looking for a subject to jazz up your New Year's Eve party conversations? How about "w00t?" The odd-looking construction has been selected as the word of the year for 2007, according to dictionary giant Merriam-Webster Inc.'s website. It was the No. 1 choice among words and phrases drawn from those most looked-up or submitted by online readers. "w00t," as used by gamers on the Internet, combines letters and numbers (two zeros) in an acronym for "We owned the other team." It's also an expression of delight at winning. The year's top 10 words (their definitions can be found on the Merriam Webster website):

  • 1. w00t
  • 2. Facebook
  • 3. conundrum
  • 4. quixotic
  • 5. Blamestorm
  • 6. Sardoodledom
  • 7. apathetic
  • 8. Pecksniffian
  • 9. hypocrite
  • 10. charlatan

– Associated Press

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