Keep out. This means you!

John Dale has a request: He wishes people to leave him alone. At least, he wants them to stop turning up at his cottage in rural Michaelston-y-Fedw, Wales. It's not that Dale is antisocial. In fact, as vicar of a local church, it's his duty to minister to parishioners.

So what's the problem? Well, as he told the BBC, visitors from as far away as Japan regularly arrive at his door to, at a minimum, take pictures. But, "We've had more than one break-in, and once a photograph was taken from near the fireplace and posted on the Web." Trespassers also have pried loose pieces of the house and helped themselves to three of the signs he'd erected with its name on them.

He has tried to stop that from happening again by painting the name on a boulder, "which I've concreted into the ground." The visitors, you see, are rock music fans making a pilgrimage to the retreat where Jimmy Page and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin holed up in 1970 to write songs for their third album.

The cottage made such an impression on them that they named one of the tracks for it. The band played a reunion concert Monday night in London – to rave reviews – so now the Rev. Dale is concerned that he may be visited by still more people.

"It is a beautiful place," he said. But it's also private property where he hopes to spend his retirement years in peace. Oh, one more thing: He is not a Led Zeppelin fan.

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