The day's last burst of light

In late afternoon, the sun transforms a drab late-autumn scene into a brilliant show.

Thoughts of autumn in New England conjure visions of vibrant landscapes filled with bold colors. And when the leaves start to fall, excitement turns to longing for a winter wonderland. But between the seasons, nature still manages to put on a show.

When I was on assignment in Maine, this sight took my breath away. I had been inside all day, shooting a story about technology in schools. When I emerged into the fresh air, the sun was setting and the rain clouds that had loomed throughout the day were breaking up. I grabbed my camera and ran to capture the afternoon's final burst of light.

Light is the most important element in taking pictures. A photographer studies the hue, tone, and saturation of every kind of light. We plan our days around sunrise and sunset when the sun's color is most vibrant, and always hope that when the camera clicks, nature is on our side. I was fortunate that day, witnessing a glorious sunset and capturing it forever.

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