2007 Holiday Gift Guide

This year, options for seasonal goodies range from Shakespeare to Stephen Colbert to Stanley Kubrick. So go ahead, unwrap our reviews of the best new CDs and DVDs.

December is a good month for the couchbound cinephile. As the wind – and the writer's strike – rages outside, we hide under the blankets, with a cup of hot chocolate and a teetering pile of shiny new DVDs.

This year brings with it a particularly beguiling bounty: a collection of shorts from Pixar, a selection of the Coen brothers' best, and a "final" edition of "Blade Runner." But it's not all Hollywood glitz.

In the 2007 edition of the annual Gift Guide, we look across the Atlantic and remember the Brit rock explosion, admire the adventures of "Young Indiana Jones," and chart the rise of a band called Nirvana. From CDs to DVDs, here's wishing you a very full stocking.

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