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Let's say you have business in Berlin and need a place to stay. But your travel agent reports that all of the city's major hotels are booked solid for the days you'll be there. What to do: try to find a room in one of the suburbs? Sleep on a bench in the bus station? Well, now there's a new option. It isn't in the most fashionable of locations and doesn't offer the amenities of its five-star competitors. But it's clean, comfortable, and, best of all, affordable. And if you stay there you're virtually assured of a memory that will last a lifetime. Here's why: The Single Room Hotel is a windowless module designed by artist Etienne Boulanger inside a rectangular set of billboards on an otherwise vacant lot. Yes, you read that correctly. By staying there, the renter activates the ads for passersby to see. No uniformed doorman is on duty; access is gained by climbing a stepladder. But once inside, the guest will find it's heated, has a double bed, a TV, and full bath with running water. What's more, it has historical significance: The site once was part of the Berlin Wall military zone. There are no reports yet on its popularity because it opened just two weeks ago. The nightly rate is a low, low $30. But if you are, in fact, planning a trip to the German capital and are interested in Boulanger's hostelry, you'd better act quickly. Since it's a sponsored art project, it is scheduled to close next March.

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