Honestly, I couldn't keep it

If you wanted to wash your car, you surely wouldn't take it to a gambling casino, right? Yet, that's more or less what happened on a recent Saturday afternoon when New Castle, Ind., resident Eldon McCammack decided his vehicle needed a bath. At a time when many other men would be raking leaves or watching football games, McCammack pulled into Trojan Car Wash. He opened his wallet, extracted a bill, and went to one of the wall-mounted change machines. In went the bill; out came quarters. A stream of them that just ... wouldn't ... stop. Well, that's not quite true. Eventually, it did, but not until 1,042 had been disgorged, as though he'd hit the jackpot on a slot machine. If you do the math, that comes to $260.50. Since his cupped hands couldn't hold them all, McCammack grabbed the lid from a nearby trash can. That wasn't sufficient either. Happily, another customer located a plastic container to catch the overflow. So, did the two of them split – literally and figuratively – the windfall? No. McCammack arranged it into a manageable load and lugged it to the city's police station, where the duty officers counted it, stashed it in an evidence locker, and phoned the car wash owner to advise him of the incident. As for McCammack's car, since it still hadn't been washed, he drove back to Trojan and completed his original mission.

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