In these cities, 'green' building projects are plentiful

These days, cities compete not only to be the most livable, the most prosperous, and the most enjoyable to visit, but also to be the most sustainable or most environmentally friendly. One measure of this is the number of "green" buildings they have. The US Green Building Council plays a key role in this regard, by determining which projects receive LEED certification, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED-certified projects meet certain benchmarks in energy efficiency, water savings, indoor environmental quality, and other areas. The cities with the most LEED-certified projects, according to the council:

Portland, Ore. 33
Seattle 31
Chicago 27
Pittsburgh 22
Grand Rapids, Mich. 20
Atlanta (tie) Washington 19
San Francisco 16
Denver (tie) San Diego 13
Austin, Texas 12

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