The Colorado Rockies completed a four-game sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks Monday night in the National League Championship Series and now will face the American League pennant winner (either Cleveland or Boston) when the World Series begins Oct. 24. In securing their first-ever appearance in the Fall Classic, the Rockies have won 21 of their last 22 games, dating back to Sept. 16. No team since the 1935 Chicago Cubs ever mounted such a spectacular late-season run. Above, fans celebrate the pennant-clinching win outside Denver's Coors Field.

US industrial output was sluggish for a second straight month, edging up only 0.1 percent in September following no change in August, the Federal Reserve said Tuesday.

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton has socked away more cash for primary contests ($35 million) than anybody else in either party, according to new Federal Election Commission data. Fellow Democrat Barack Obama is a close second with $32 million in the bank, while GOP money leader Rudolph Giuliani has only $11.6 million saved up for the primaries.

Greater coordination among states along the Mississippi River is needed to monitor and manage it as a single system, the National Research Council concludes in a study released Tuesday. A council spokesman said attention to the river's water quality, which suffers from fertilizer runoff, doesn't "match the river's significant economic, ecological, and cultural importance."

The world's largest bison herd, which roams in Yellowstone National Park, has rebounded to near record levels after controversial efforts to thin the herd two years ago, park administrators said Monday. Hundreds of animals that migrated beyond the park looking for food were killed to guard against the spread of disease. Following a shift to a policy of relocation, the bison population is about 4,700, or 1,100 larger than a year ago.

Authorities seized more than 5,000 roosters, hens, and chicks from a San Diego industrial area in possibly the largest cockfighting bust in US history, officials said Monday. The operation was run and patronized largely by Filipinos.

Amish farmers in the heart of Pennsylvania's Amish country have greatly increased their participation in land preservation programs the past few years, according to the American Farmland Trust. Traditionally, these farmers have spurned outside associations, but preservation officials say they've built a trusting relationship with the Amish.

In an effort to cut Rhode Island's $200 million budget deficit in half, Gov. Don Carcieri (R) will eliminate 1,000 state jobs, or about 7 percent of the government workforce.

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