No, we didn't consider Paul Jr.

From Michigan City, Ind., comes word that on Sept. 12 Paul and Teri Fields welcomed a son to the family. That's nice, you say, but so what? Babies are born every day, right? Yes. And sometimes Mother and Dad become inventive when choosing names for them. Take Paul and Teri, for example. Their son will go through life as Wrigley Alexander Fields. Hold on: Wrigley Fields ... sounds like a baseball stadium. That's because it's supposed to. Paul, you see, is one of the Chicago Cubs' biggest fans, and Wrigley, on the city's North Side, happens to be his favorite ballpark, so the name was a no-brainer. Teri, who's originally from California, follows the team, too, because of her husband, so she didn't object. In fact, she told the Chicago Sun-Times: "It grows on you.... We've heard stranger names out there." The parents say they don't expect to use nicknames for their baby as he grows, either. Oh, there's the possibility that schoolmates may tease him, in which case it would be OK if he preferred to go by Alexander. And if he doesn't turn out to be a player for the Cubs, that's fine, too. They just want him to be happy in whatever – ah – field of endeavor he pursues. As for the team, a spokeswoman said it doesn't know of another instance in which a child has been named for the ballpark, although at least one has been christened Zambrano after star pitcher Carlos Zambrano.

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