I believe this belongs to you

Let's say you were among more than 100,000 people attending a college football game and didn't realize until afterward that you'd left your digital camera behind. What do you suppose would be the prospects of getting it back? If you were Ohio State fan Kevin John, the answer is ... excellent. In fact, meals have taken more time to prepare than he needed to learn that a total stranger would be happy to return it. How? No, not through the lost-and-found office at Ohio Stadium. Human resources consultant (and fellow fan) Michelle Montgomery found the camera and decided to click through the exposures on its memory card. Ultimately, she came to one of a man and young boy – John and his son, Noah – posing with the Ohio State mascot, before the Sept. 1 game. That gave her an idea for a small social experiment: upload the image to the Internet and e-mail it to 14 friends. All, in turn, were asked to forward it to everyone else they knew to be a follower of the Buckeyes. Within 48 hours, the message landed in John's in-box, and he learned that Montgomery was waiting to hear from him. "It's amazing how many Buckeye fans are out there," he told reporters. As for Montgomery, she said: "Think of the ways we could use [the Internet] if we wanted to do something meaningful and powerful in the world. It shows we really are all tied together."

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