Retirement not the clear cutoff it used to be

A new survey on retirement decisions illustrates just how many variations there on the basic theme these days. The study, conducted Robert Half Management Resources, an accounting and financial services company, shows that only 34 percent of American office workers plan to quit work entirely once they're ready to retire from full-time employment. Many others anticipate either trying their hand at something new, doing consulting work, or staying on with the same company but putting in fewer hours. The retirement options that people participating in the survey selected, and the percentage that selected them:

  • Quit work entirely 34%
  • Change fields/work at something new 24%
  • Work as a consultant 14%
  • Work fewer hours for the same company 14%
  • Take a part-time job 2%
  • Continue to work/not plan to retire 2%
  • Volunteer 1%
  • Other 3%
  • Don't know 6%
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