A Week's Worth: Quick takes on the world of work and money

Dow has a calm week, how to act when you take a new job – or feel stuck in an old one.

Wall Street had its calmest week in a month, with the Dow rising 2.29 percent to close above 13,300 – still 700 points off its mid-July high.

Do you rarely see young people anymore when you're at the bank? Maybe it's because a new survey has found that they prefer online transactions to interacting with a human teller. Of respondents under 34 to an American Bankers Association poll, only 25 percent said they like visiting a branch. Thirty percent favored the laptop computer method; 17 percent preferred automated teller machines.

So you've just landed a nice promotion: What next? First, advises the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, waste no time immersing yourself in your new job. Enroll in training programs. Use your staff as a resource. Don't be afraid to acknowledge a weakness, ask questions, or seek out senior executives (who have been in your shoes) to mentor you. You should expect to make occasional mistakes, Chubb says, but try to learn from them. These can help you make the most of the situation.

But if instead of a promotion, you are in a rut, vocational counselor Joe Calloway says the way out is to accept responsibility for it and change your attitude. How? By asking people you respect what opportunities you may have overlooked. Or by signing up for training or asking for a transfer – or for that promotion. Even if you're turned down, says the author of "Work Like You're Showing Off," you'll have put yourself on your superiors' radar screen.

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