Sure, I know that name: A status every business craves

When it comes to the value of their brand names, familiar technology giants Google, Apple, and Nintendo are companies on the way up the ladder. Even so, they aren't among the top 10 of the latest 100 best global brands, as ranked by Interbrand, a leading consultant, and its project partner, BusinessWeek magazine. The king remains Coca-Cola, which has claimed the top spot for the seventh straight year based on the brand's estimated value ($65.3 million) in future company earnings. The top 10 global brands for 2007, using the same measure (in millions of dollars), according to Interbrand and BusinessWeek:

• 1. Coca-Cola $65.3
• 2. Microsoft $58.7
• 3. IBM $57.1
• 4. General Electric $51.6
• 5. Nokia $33.7
• 6. Toyota $32.1
• 7. Intel $30.1
• 8. McDonald's $29.4
• 9. Disney $29.2
• 10. Mercedes-Benz $23.4

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