All in the family

Anyone who has swung a golf club knows the satisfaction of hitting a ball squarely and watching it fly straight and true toward the intended target. Take Gill Mackenzie, for instance. She was so happy with her tee shot on the 116-yard ninth hole on the Llanfairfechan course in north Wales one day last week that she could hardly wait to call her husband, Ray, and tell him about it. If you haven't guessed, she scored a hole in one. It just so happens that Ray was scheduled to play Llanfairfechan the following day. But there's no way he'd duplicate the feat, right? Wrong. His hole in one came on the par-3, 11th. Now both Mackenzies had something to brag about. So where did that leave their son, Sam, who, still in his early teens, also enjoys golf? At Llanfairfechan the next day, that's where. And on that same 11th hole, his tee shot ... oh, no, surely not. Oh, yes. Right into the cup. And with witnesses to confirm it. "The tremendous thing is that Sam and I both [used] balls from a pack he bought me for Father's Day," the dad said. An Internet evaluation of the course says that, while short, it "makes a challenging test of the golfer's driving accuracy." The Daily Record, a sports newspaper, asked professional oddsmakers the likelihood of another family equaling the Mackenzies' accomplishment. Their reply: between 10 million and 15 million to 1.

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