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Hating America Is So Last Season: When staff writer Robert Marquand set out to report today's story about Europe's "Iraq Generation" of youths whose views about the US have been shaped largely by the war in Iraq (see story), he expected to find a much stronger strain of anti-Americanism.

"Most of my reporting [in winter and spring] during the peak of the CIA renditions story, was fairly negative," says Bob. "But I was quite surprised in Berlin and Paris in July to find a different reading.

"I found a lot of students putting out the idea that their peers who were dogmatically negative about the US, couldn't be taken seriously. It was eye-opening," he says. "There was a definite separation in their minds between the US and US policy."

– Matthew Clark
Africa/Americas editor

This week's look ahead

Monday, Aug. 13

Miami: Hearing on former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega's attempt to block a French extradition request. His US prison sentence for a 1992 drug-trafficking conviction ends Sept. 9.

Tuesday, Aug. 14

Lima, Peru: Police union to go on a 24-hour strike to demand a rise in pay.

Wednesday, Aug. 15

Kigali, Rwanda: Survivors of the Rwandan genocide and prominent activists will hold a torch-lighting ceremony to draw attention to suffering in Darfur, Sudan.

Tokyo: A war memorial service will mark the 62nd anniversary of end of World War II.

Thursday, Aug. 16

Buenos Aires: The fifth annual World Tango Championships will be held.

– Associated Press

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