Tricks for kids: You can't do this!

They're simple activities, so why do they seem to be impossible to do?

We can twist, turn, and bend our bodies, or even roll them up into little balls. However, there are some seemingly simple tasks that are almost impossible for us to do. Try these challenges, each with its own little trick. After you test them, ask your friends and family to try. They'll be amazed at what they can't do.

Drop a penny

Challenge: Put your hands together, palms and fingers touching. Have someone place a penny between your ring fingers. Keeping your ring fingers extended, lower the rest of your fingers so your hands are clasped together. Now try to move your ring fingers apart – without straightening your other fingers – so the penny falls into your palms.

The trick: Your hands want to straighten out your pinkie fingers to help separate your ring fingers.

Lift your foot

Challenge: Stand next to a wall with one side of your body touching it. Place your ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, and head against the wall. Now try to lift your other foot off the ground without moving away from the wall.

The trick: You can't lift your other foot unless you move your head and shoulder away from the wall. By moving your head and shoulder, you redistribute your weight.

Stand up

Challenge: Sit in a chair with your feet in front of you, your back touching the back of the chair. Now try to stand up without using your hands and while keeping your back against the chair.

The trick: You can't stand up because your center of gravity is off. Only by leaning forward are you able to put your weight over your knees and stand up.

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