Into it: Alfred Molina

We asked the star of TNT's 'The Company' what he's watching, reading, and listening to.

... Watching?

My wife and I are great fans of the entire Law & Order franchise. Pan's Labyrinth is my favorite film of the past year. My father was Spanish, and I've always had great interest in things to do with Spain. My father fought in the Civil War so any book or film that touches on that, I give it a read or viewing. This film, although it was set in that period, it takes on a wonderful magical realism that goes to a whole other level of fable.

... Reading?

I'm reading a wonderful biography of Graham Greene, written by Norman Sherry. [Greene is] a perfect example of that ambiguous nature of creative people. When I first read Greene back in England, our English master gave us a whole book list of things to read by the end of the year and one was an early Greene work Stamboul Train. I've been a fan ever since.

... Listening to?

I've always been a big jazz fan. [My father] traveled a lot to South America and Cuba and brought back these 78 records, so we had a lot of Latin and jazz music in our house. When I was a kid I loved that stuff. But when I started listening to pop and rock, like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, I turned my back on it. Now that I've gotten older, I've started listening to it again. I was just listening to Alison Krauss. Now with the advent of satellite radio, there's a station that just plays [jazz] and we keep that on in the afternoons.

Alfred Molina stars in "The Company," a six-part miniseries airing on TNT in August.

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