Hot action, cool prices

Your guide to niche sports this summer.

This summer, you don't have to break the bank to enjoy professional sports competition at its best. We've dispatched reporters far and wide to watch action-filled competitions that don't cost the equivalent of a monthly mortgage payment. (Yes, there is life beyond the Yankees and the Red Sox.) Our special guide will plunk you into the bleachers (or beaches) of contests ranging from lacrosse to mountain biking to surfing. And we'll explain how you, too, can score inexpensive tickets to an exciting game, match, race, or tournament near you.

Well-known tennis players hold court casually at the World Team Tennis league

At a professional beach volleyball tournament in New Jersey, competitors draw a line in the sand

No one sits on their hands at a Kansas City Wizards soccer game

Spectators at this year's Showdown at Sugar Mountain will be treated to a blast of dirt, sun, and high-flying mountain bikes

The soul of surfing is freedom - something fans of the sport have long understood

Upmarket lacrosse, which has its roots in native American culture, is sharpening its profile

At Lime Rock race track, sports cars whip up the skirts of picnic blankets

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