Been there, done that: Walt Disney World

Amy Green took a roller-coaster ride down memory lane

Where did you go? Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

What did you do? We had one-day passes and were on a mission to do as many rides as we possibly could in one day. We hit the rides in quick order. The Haunted Mansion. It's a Small World. Space Mountain. Pirates of the Caribbean, the ride that inspired the movie, is now updated to include Capt. Jack Sparrow.

What did you learn? A fun day at Disney is hard work! We paused only to eat, and by midafternoon we were tired. At the restaurants it was not so much about enjoying our food but downing it as fast as possible, so we could head on to the next ride. There really wasn't even a place to wash our hands. But the Magic Kingdom is a special place. My husband and I had fun sharing childhood memories of the park: My now-deceased grandfather's favorite attraction, the Country Bear Jamboree; the time I rode Thunder Mountain two or three times in a row. There's something about Disney that really evokes the child inside.

What did you eat? A favorite is the Mickey Mouse ice-cream treat, vanilla ice cream coated with chocolate on a stick, shaped like Mickey's head, of course. Especially in the midafternoon heat, for a quick energy boost between rides. Yum!

Where have you been? What did you do? Write us at Weekend.

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