Vacationing with a celebrity: Who would be your choice?

Made your summer travel plans yet? Considering the large numbers of Americans who (despite the high price of gasoline) will be driving to a vacation destination, road atlas giant Rand McNally thought it would be fun to ask, Which celebrity would you most like to have along for the ride, if he or she could spare the time? The company polled 4,000 people age 18 and up, breaking the survey into two categories: entertainers and announced presidential candidates. The top finisher in the latter category: former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani (R). Among nonpoliticians, the winner was TV and movie star Ellen DeGeneres, thanks, apparently, to heavy support by female respondents. The respective outcomes and the percentage of the vote for each finisher, according to Rand McNally's 2007 Great American Road Trip Survey:

1. Ellen DeGeneres 32%
2. Oprah Winfrey 24%
3. Will Ferrell 23%
4. Paris Hilton 14%
5. Simon Cowell 7%

Candidates for president
1. Rudolph Giuliani 26%
2. US Sen. Barack Obama (D) of Illinois 20%
3. US Sen. Hillary Clinton (D) of New York 18%
4. US Sen. John McCain (R) of Arizona 17%
5. John Edwards (D) 13%

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