Wyoming: smallest population, but No. 1 in greenhouse gases

Wyoming, which burns coal to produce nearly all of its electricity, easily leads the nation in per capita carbon-dioxide emissions, according to figures from an Associated Press study released recently. It says Wyoming spews 125 metric tons of greenhouse gases per capita a year into the atmosphere, versus the national average of 20 metric tons. Part of the reason for such a large carbon "footprint," says Gov. Dave Freudenthal (D), is because his state is the largest exporter of energy to other regions of the US. According to the AP, Wyoming's coal-fired power plants produced more carbon dioxide in eight hours than Vermont's generators do in a year. The states with the highest pollution rates per person per year (by metric tons of carbon-dioxide emissions), according to the study:

1. Wyoming 125
2. North Dakota 80
3. Alaska 69
4. West Virginia 63
5. Louisiana 40
6. Indiana 38
7. Montana 36
8. Kentucky 35
9. New Mexico 31
10. Texas (tie) Alabama 30

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