Hey, you don't belong here!

"He did not have an appointment," said the director of public relations for Presbyterian Health Care Services, explaining why a visitor to one of its clinics north of Albuquerque, N. M., was confrontedby police last Friday and hustled back outside. Besides, it was only 7:15 a.m. and the place wasn't fully ready to receive the public yet. "There were just a handful of people there," said the spokesman, Todd Sandman. "A nurse, perhaps a receptionist, and a patient and spouse. I think [the spouse] was pretty surprised." The visitor barged in, apparently after pushing an automatic door opener, and ventured from room to room as though searching for something. But at least he did so calmly. So why the need for police? Why not just tell him to leave? Because that's more or less routine in these cases, since the interloper was a 125-pound ... bear. State Department of Game and Fish officers shot him with a tranquilizer dart, rolled him onto a gurney, and drove him about 20 miles from town, where he was released into a mountainous area with an ear tag so he can be identified if this happens again. The guess is that he wandered into town looking for food, not an unusual occurrence this time of year in New Mexico. As for the people inside the clinic, all were evacuated safely, and there was no property damage.

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