Can't find a book to read? Try one of these megalibraries.

Despite all the technological bells and whistles that libraries employ these days, users still seem to enjoy browsing their shelves of books as much as anything else. Thus, many libraries are committed to housing collections that range from merely large to truly mammoth. The leader in this department: the Library of Congress in Washington, which has almost twice as many volumes (29.6 million) as any other library, public or private, in the US. But there are impressive collections elsewhere, too, with the American Library Association (ALA) listing 85 as having more than 3 million volumes each. The largest libraries, and their collections (in millions of books), according to the ALA:

1. Library of Congress 29.6
2. Harvard University 15.2
3. Boston Public 14.9
4. Yale University 11.1
5. Chicago Public 10.7
6. University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana 10.0
7. Cincinnati and Hamilton County 9.9
8. Queens Borough Public (New York) 9.7
9. University of California, Berkeley 9.6
10. County of Los Angeles Public 9.2

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