For this quiz, s's are wild

For kids: Are you game for a quiz?

The "S" on my computer keyboard stopped working last week. I think it's because so many words have so many s's in them that I wore out my "S" key. How many of the words below can you figure out? All of them have more than one "s."

1. When Lois Lane has a very important last-minute story and it belongs on Page 1 of the Daily Planet, the editor, Perry White, says this. (3 words)

"S_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ss_s!"

2. This is a special time at school when you can go to the playground and have fun. It's also a time when your teacher gets a little break. You don't get homework in this, and you don't get a grade.

_ _ _ _ss

3. Pucker up for this one! Can you finish this singsong rhyme: "George and Martha sitting in a tree – _ _ss_ _ _."

4. This is a game that is played on the same board on which you play checkers, but you use pieces called knights, pawns, bishops, rooks, a king, and a queen.

_ _ _ss

5. A rolling stone gathers none of this

_ _ss

6. This is a kind of waxy string that you slide between your teeth to keep them clean. (2 words)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ss

7. There are four of these – spring, summer, winter, and fall.

s_ _s_ _s


1. "Stop the presses!"

2. Recess

3. Kissing

4. Chess

5. Moss

6. Dental floss

7. Seasons

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