At-risk rivers, where it can be difficult to 'go with the flow'

You probably don't think of rivers as wearing out. But that's more or less what happens to the Santa Fe River at various times of the year. American Rivers, a conservation group based in Washington, has rated it most-endangered in the US for the way it practically stops flowing because of contamination and the demands made on it as a public water source. More than one-third of the New Mexico capital's drinking water reportedly is drawn from the Santa Fe. Environmental organizations, outdoor clubs, and local governments nominate the endangered rivers, which are defined as facing uncertain futures due to a variety of factors, from dam-water diversions to pollution from agricultural waste. The 10 most endangered rivers and their locations, according to American Rivers:

•Santa Fe River, New Mexico
•San Mateo Creek, California
•Iowa River, Iowa
•Upper Delaware River, New York
•White Salmon River, Washington
•Neches River, Texas
•Kinnickinnic River, Wisconsin
•Neuse River, North Carolina
•Lee Creek, Arkansas/Oklahoma
•Chuitna River, Alaska

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