It's raining cats and ... quizzes

Ah, it's spring, which can only mean one thing – time for a quiz.

You might need an umbrella while you take this quiz – each answer has something to do with the word rain.

1. You can repeat this rhyme when you want the sun to shine again. The next verse is "Come again some other day."

Rain, rain, _ _ _ _ _ _ (4 words)

2. This lives at a railway station. A little one once said, "I think I can. I think I can." It also is what you must do when you are serious about a sport and have to practice a lot.


3. In a famous movie, somewhere over this arch of colored light in the sky, there once lived a rusty tin man, a cowardly lion, a dancing scarecrow, a wizard, and many little munchkins.

Rain_ _ _

4. Felines and canines are falling out of the sky when this is happening. (4 words)

Rain_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

5. When you have a ticket for an event that was postponed because of bad weather, you get this so you can be admitted later. (2 words)

Rain _ _ _ _ _

6. Some people like to use this to separate the liquid from the vegetables and meat in soup. It is like a colander, but the holes are smaller.

_ _rain_ _

7. This is a dense evergreen area occupying a tropical region with many trees. Some have an annual rainfall of more than 100 inches.

Rain _ _ _ _ _ _ (2 words)

8. Wheat and barley are examples of this.


1. Rain, rain, go away

2. Train

3. Rainbow

4. Raining cats and dogs

5. Rain check

6. Strainer

7. Rain forest

8. Grains

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