You'll not see these numbers on New York Yankee jerseys

As one might expect of a team that has won the World Series 26 times, the New York Yankees have retired more jersey numbers than any other major-league club: 15. The first player so honored was Lou Gehrig, whose No. 4 was retired on July 4, 1939, in a ceremony re-created in the movie "The Pride of the Yankees." In the future, the team may feel compelled to take a few more numbers out of circulation to honor modern stars such as Derek Jeter (No. 2) and Jorge Posada (No. 20). Ex-Yankee greats with their retired numbers and position:

• Billy Martin (2B ) 1
• Babe Ruth (OF) 3
• Lou Gehrig (1B) 4
• Joe DiMaggio (OF) 5
• Mickey Mantle (OF) 7
• Yogi Berra (C) and Bill Dickey (C) 8
• Roger Maris (OF) 9
• Phil Rizzuto (SS) 10
• Thurman Munson (C ) 15
• Whitey Ford (P ) 16
• Don Mattingly (1B) 23
• Elston Howard (C) 32
• Casey Stengel (manager) 37
• Reggie Jackson (OF) 44
• Ron Guidry (P) 49

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