Neither of us liked Mortimer

The past few months haven't been kind to fans of Ohio State University sports. On April 2, the men's basketball squad lost the national championship game to the University of Florida. In January, the football team also lost the national title – again to Florida. No matter. To Brent Huffines of Logan, Ohio, there's still ample reason to pay a lasting tribute to his favorite collegiate program. So, when he and Kattie, his wife, learned they'd be the parents of a son, he suggested the name Tressel Hayes Huffines, after two of the most successful head coaches in OSU football history. "I thought he was joking," Kattie said. He wasn't, and he got his way. Thus, the baby became the sixth Ohioan to be named after Jim Tressel, the current Buckeye mentor, according to birth records. As for the Hayes, well, that's in memory of the late Woody Hayes, who led the football team to five unofficial national titles and – maybe just as important to OSU fans – 16 victories over archrival Michigan. Indeed, that legacy may have had a bearing on the Huffineses' decision. "Can you imagine," Dad said, "someone named Tressel Hayes going to Michigan for college?" No one appears to have asked him about a third possibility, but the coach who succeeded Hayes might have been another good choice to name the child after: Earl Bruce.

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