A valley of plenty in Washington State

Where did you go? The Skagit Valley where I grew up. It had been 50 years since my last visit.

Where did you stay?My first exploration led me to the Chewuch Inn in Winthrop after a beautiful all-day drive through the North Cascades. The inn's Eagle's Nest suite, with its surrounding views, was a treat.

What did you do?Those evergreens, beautiful landscapes, hills and snow-capped peaks overshadowed by Mt. Baker – which always seemed to be playing peeka-boo with me – were everywhere. My very favorite national park, North Cascades, is known mostly by fishermen and hunters and still has only one paved road. My husband and I enjoyed numerous backpacking adventures there, seldom meeting anyone on the trail except for the day I was balancing precariously while crossing a cold stream on a log. A stranger rounded the corner and asked, "Wonder what the folks back home would think of us now?" I began laughing and nearly fell off!

What did you eat?The valley is known for its produce, so I often shared pies with friends and family – rhubarb with orange zest, green apple, raspberry.

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