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Casino Royale (PG-13)

You know this is going to be a different kind of 007 movie when (a) the spy himself reveals more skin than the Bond girls, (b) Bond has to rent his own tux, and (c) the secret agent's sole gadget is ... a portable defibrillator. In this earthy adaptation of Ian Fleming's first 007 novel, the movie character of James Bond transforms from lady-killer to, well, just a killer, as he stalks a financier who plays the stock market for terrorist organizations. Along the way, Bond fritters away millions in a high-stakes poker game, endures a torture so brutal it would make Jack Bauer wince, and scales a construction site like Super Mario in one of the franchise's greatest chase scenes. Result: A classic Bond film. Extras include a light feature in which former Bond Girls chat about how the series has portrayed women. Grade: A

Children of Men (R)

It's 2027 and society is in decay – no children have been born in 18 years due to a worldwide infertility problem. So when Theo (Clive Owen) discovers a young woman who is pregnant, he has to spirit her out of Britain to ensure the child's survival. Alfonso Cuarón's bleak, yet wholly remarkable, film borrows imagery inspired by warfare in Baghdad, the July 7 London Tube bombings, the Holocaust, Abu Ghraib, and Guantánamo to create an allegory about how the brotherhood of man has been fractured into divisions of race, religion, nationality, and gender. The extras explain feats of cinematography. Grade: A

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