Come on, Betsy, show people what kind of a car you are

Americans, it is said, have a love affair with cars – sometimes to the point of treating them almost as though they were people. Want proof? An Associated Press-AOL poll about people's feelings toward their cars found that more than one-third of respondents (37 percent) think of them as having personality. And one way that owners show affection for their wheels is by giving them names, just as they would to a pet. Twenty-six percent of women admitted to giving their cars nicknames, compared with 16 percent of men. The most likely to put themselves on a first-name basis with the vehicles they drive: unmarried women. Some of the most popular nicknames, according to the poll, and the percentage who chose each:

Betsy/Old Betsy 8%
Blue (and variations) 5%
Baby (and variations) 3%
Nelly/Nellie 2%
Bessie 2%
Big Red 2%
Suzie/Susie 1%
Ghost 1%
Other 75%

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