Why leave? New Yorkers say. This is home; we're happy here

Despite all the talk of mobility in American society, most people still tend to settle where they have roots – at least roughly speaking. According to the Census Bureau's American Community Survey, about two-thirds of people born in the US remain in the states of their birth. New York leads the way with 82.3 percent stay-at-homes, which is far higher than the national average: 67.5 percent. As one might expect, the states with fewer "lifers" are those that appeal to people looking for a change of climate or scenery, such as Florida, Arizona, and Nevada. The states with the largest and smallest percentages of native-borns in their populations, according to the survey:


New York 82.3%
Louisiana 82.0%
Michigan 80.5%
Pennsylvania 80.1%
Ohio 77.9%


Nevada 26.0%
Florida 40.9%
Arizona 41.1%
Alaska 42.7%
Wyoming 43.1%

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