Hey, fellow, remember us?

There are pet stories that bring a tear to the eye. Then there's the saga of Cujo – or Willy, as some people know him. Haven't heard it yet? Well, the golden retriever wandered away from home in St. Louis seven years ago this coming summer and never returned ... until late last month. Somehow, he ended up being taken in by an elderly resident of Columbia, Mo., almost 130 miles to the west. But when she was admitted to a nursing home, the dog couldn't go along. Next stop: the Humane Society, which listed him on its adoption website. Now under his new name, he was claimed by Dirk's Fund, a group that places retrievers and other canines with folks wanting the companionship of a furry pet. In this case, however, a second nursing home couldn't keep him because it had no yard in which he could exercise off the leash. So it was back up for adoption. All this time, Cujo/Willy's first owners, the Barczewskis, never gave up hope that he'd come home. And now he has. A brother-in-law happened to visit the Dirk's Fund website, recognized his picture, and notified the family. A video of the happy reunion can be accessed at

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