Win the Super Bowl, get some of sport's most elite hardware

When the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts square off Feb. 4 in Super Bowl XLI, the players will be intent on winning championship rings and the $73,000 that goes to each member of the victorious team. Besides those rewards, however, the winner gets to keep the 7-lb. sterling silver Lombardi Trophy, which, a free online magazine, rates as one of the 10 most sought-after prizes in all of sport. Each year, the prestigious jeweler Tiffany & Co. handcrafts a new trophy, named in memory of legendary Green Bay Packers coaching great Vince Lombardi, so that the winning team can maintain permanent possession. The top 10 sports trophies, as ranked by AskMen, and the championship for which each is presented:

1. FIFA World Cup (soccer)
2. Olympic gold medal
3. Gentleman's Singles Trophy (Wimbledon tennis)
4. Green jacket (The Masters golf tournament)
5. Yellow jersey (Tour de France)
6. Stanley Cup (National Hockey League)
7. Vince Lombardi Trophy (Super Bowl)
8. Borg-Warner Trophy (Indianapolis 500)
9. Claret Jug (British Open golf tournament)
10. Larry O'Brien Trophy (National Basketball Association)

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