Some like it hot: Why people are finding Arizona irresistible

Even with outdoor temperatures reaching 100 degrees F. or more for weeks at a time, thousands of people (many of them retirees) continue to relocate to Arizona. They say they don't mind the "dry heat," which may explain why Arizona's population, the fastest-growing in the US according to the latest statistics made public by the Census Bureau, is expanding twice as fast as humid Florida's. The fastest-growing states, by percentage, based on population data collected by the bureau between July 1, 2005 and July 1, 2006:

1. Arizona 3.6%
2. Nevada 3.5%
3. Idaho 2.6%
4. Georgia (tie) Texas 2.5%
6. Utah 2.4%
7. North Carolina 2.1%
8. Colorado 1.9%
9. Florida 1.8%
10. South Carolina 1.7%

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