Reporters on the Job

A Wife With a Cause: Correspondent David Montero has interviewed numerous Pakistani human rights and political activists. In his experience, most are relatively well educated and from the upper-middle or upper classes. But for today's story about Pakistanis "disappeared", he interviewed an activist of a different sort in Islamabad.

"She's a devout Muslim. Her husband worked at a travel agency before he was detained. She describes herself as an ordinary Pakistani who respected the Army and had never spoken out before," says David. "People like her don't usually take public stands against the intelligence agency and Army. Now she's at the forefront of a movement to release people who were arbitrarily detained."

Attention Burqini Shoppers: Today's story about Muslim women becoming lifesavers in Australia prompted one editor to wonder where he might find burqini swimsuits for his daughter. Ahiida, an Australian firm ( sells two models for A$170 (US$132) to A$190.

David Clark Scott
World editor

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