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Stalking the Archbishop: Nigeria's Archbishop Peter Akinola is a busy man. When Sarah Simpson couldn't set up an interview by phone, she staked out his office. "I settled down with a book in the reception area and decided to wait," she says. "A few chapters later, the door opened and in he stepped. But in his Yoruba traditional dress, I barely recognized him until he had bounded athletically up nearly two flights of steps.

"'Archbishop! Archbishop!' I squawked, dashing after him, only to trip and fall inelegantly on the bottom step."

He stopped to see if Sarah was all right, and she delivered a plea for an interview. She got it. "I don't know whether it was the fall or if Akinola is always this friendly to journalists, but I left his office with a handful of butter cookies and a mint candy," she says.

David Clark Scott
World editor

This week's look ahead

Monday, Jan. 8:
London – Human rights activists begin week of protests on fifth anniversary of opening of prison in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.
Beijing – Andrew Natsios, the US special envoy to Sudan, travels to Beijing to consult on paths to peace in Darfur.

Wednesday, Jan. 10:
Caracas, Venezuela – Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez inaugurated. He plans to visit Nicaragua for inauguration of fellow leftist Daniel Ortega.
Athens – Work stoppages and protests against Greece's plans to introduce private universities after 2008.

Friday, Jan. 12:
Taipei, Taiwan – Latest session of embezzlement trial against President Chen Shui-bian's wife, Wu Shu-chen.

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