Your favorite films of 2006

Inside Man

It took almost the entire movie before I got the point. I usually know within the first 10 minutes what's going on. Though I will say it took me almost 20 minutes to figure out "The Sixth Sense.''
Victoria Jones,
Cambridge, Mass.


"Cars" was a movie for all generations and interests. And, like every Pixar film, the graphics were amazing in their photo-realistic quality.
Spencer Sholty,

United 93

Gripping and emotional, "United 93" doesn't deteriorate into a Hollywood action-thriller, but realistically depicts the events aboard the least remembered plane of Sept. 11. Whether or not you agree with the political choices made recently in American government, this movie does exactly what that day did: Unite us as a single nation in the face of adversity.
Robert Drake,
San Francisco


[I liked the] connection between the dilemma of undocumented Mexican immigrants, Americans caught in an Arab country during the age of George Bush's "War against terrorism," and a deaf Japanese teenager who uses sex to get people to pay attention to her. On the surface, these look like unrelated issues, but their connection shows how, as President Kennedy said following the Cuban missile crisis, "We are all part of the same planet."
Andrea Barron,

Happy Feet

The live action and animation were seamless; you hardly noticed real people were in an animated movie. Take that, Roger Rabbit!
Julianne Daggett,

Little Miss Sunshine

This film believably portrays a realistic mix of unique people that comprise a family. The most genuinely heartwarming film in decades.
Mac Mote,
Athens, Ga.

World Trade Center

"WTC" showed the positive side of the tragedy and how tragedy brought out the best in people.
Jerry Le May,
Oro Valley, Ariz.

The Queen

Helen Mirren is so talented she creates the illusion that she is the Queen of England, not merely an actor playing the role of the queen. I am neither a royalist nor celebrity worshiper, yet, because of the well-written screenplay and the actors' deft performances, the movie held my interest throughout.
Salvador Ramirez,
El Paso, Texas

Your scores

The Queen (PG-13)
Little Miss Sunshine (R)
The Departed (R)

Casino Royale (PG-13)
An Inconvenient Truth (PG)
Akeelah and the Bee (PG)
Thank You for Smoking (R)
The Last King of Scotland (R)
Happy Feet (PG)
Inside Man (R)
Stranger Than Fiction (PG-13)
United 93 (R)
Flags of Our Fathers (R)
The Illusionist (PG-13)
For Your Consideration (PG-13)
Cars (G)
The Prestige (PG-13)
The Nativity Story (PG)
The History Boys (R)
Volver (R)
Fast Food Nation (R)
A Prairie Home Companion (PG-13)

V for Vendetta (R)
The Devil Wears Prada (PG-13)
Babel (R)
Blood Diamond (R)
Marie Antoinette (PG-13)
Borat (R)
Over the Hedge (PG)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (PG-13)
X-Men: The Last Stand (PG-13)
Ice Age: The Meltdown (PG)
A Good Year (PG-13)
Superman Returns (PG-13)
Deja Vu (PG-13)
The Holiday (PG-13)

Apocalypto (R)
World Trade Center (PG-13)
Mission: Impossible III (PG-13)
The Da Vinci Code (PG-13)
16 Blocks (PG-13)
Friends with Money (R)
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (PG-13)
Click (PG-13)
Failure to Launch (PG-13)
The Pink Panther (PG)
The Break-Up (PG-13)
Nacho Libre (PG)

Miami Vice (R)

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