Dad, don't you touch that dial! Women rule the thermostat

Agreeing on what temperature to set a home thermostat can be one of greatest challenges to domestic harmony (the cost of heating oil or gas notwithstanding). Service Magic Inc., an online marketplace that connects homeowners with prescreened service professionals, decided to conduct a poll to find out how this decision is made in households nationwide. It found that women most often make the call on how warm to keep the home in winter, with more consideration given to the comfort of pets than to children. The key findings from the survey, such as who most influences thermostat settings (by percentage) and the amount of "give" in compromising on this issue:

Women 55%
Men 40%
Pets 4%
Children 1%

Flexibility factor
People who say they're willing to compromise on the setting 62%
People who admit to having "given in" on the setting 23%
People who "pretend not to hear" when a spouse complains about the temperature 15%

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