Most-visited mall in the US hasn't one department store

The National Mall in Washington spans two miles and is used by 25 million visitors annually. Of late, the National Park Service, which oversees the mall's 600 acres, has decided that the time to upgrade the home of many major memorials and museums has come. The public has been invited to participate in a months-long, $800,000 planning process by submitting ideas online for an action plan. It marks the first time in 100 years such a major reassessment has occurred. Some of the major landmarks on the mall and the year in which each opened or was dedicated:

Smithsonian Castle 1855

Washington Monument 1884

National Museum of Natural History 1910

Lincoln Memorial 1922

National Gallery of Art 1941

Jefferson Memorial 1943

National Museum of American History 1964

National Air and Space Museum 1976

Vietnam Memorial 1982

Korean War Veterans Memorial 1995

Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial 1997

World War II Memorial 2004

National Park Service

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